Eternal Blue Sky

Hi there!

My name is Nathaniel, and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer serving in Mongolia. Over the next couple of years, I hope to capture my story, and the stories of what is happening around me, through blog posts and photos. Hopefully this site can function as a lens for family, friends, and anyone interested in the Peace Corps, International Development, Travel Writing, or Mongolia, to visualize and understand my own experiences personally, and as a volunteer.

I am a recent graduate of the University of Michigan, with a degree in International Studies – Global Health and Environment. In my time at Michigan, I uncovered a passion for Medical Anthropology and Sustainability, and I hope to channel what I have learned in these fields, as I work in Mongolia as a Public Health Educator. It is my belief that the most sustainable global health initiatives, are the ones that recognize the value in community infrastructure and traditional practices. While biomedicine has remarkable value in saving lives, ignoring socio-cultural contexts to treat humans as biological machines, can have poor outcomes in community receptivity, and in turn, poor outcomes in health. In my time as a volunteer, I hope to improve community health in a culturally cognizant way. I hope to draw upon my love for the environment, corny jokes, food, and adventure, to form community relationships, and design/teach health curriculums that are representative of what communities actually want and need. I’m incredibly excited to start this journey, and if you choose to follow along, thank you in advance.



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