Project Design and Management (PDM)

Mongolica. One hour outside of the capital, surrounded by rocky peaks, frozen rivers, and chalky earth, this resort was the location of a week long Peace Corps conference for project design and management. This annual conference is an opportunity for first-year volunteers to learn the basics of grant writing, project management, and planning for sustainability. … Continue reading Project Design and Management (PDM)


“He’s concerned about your ham.” “My what?” “Your ham.” When I first arrived in Ikh Uul, I had a sausage on my shelf. Tucked in wax paper and loosely encased by the folds of plastic wrapping previously torn open, the summer sausage had been my chosen form of protein. Sandwiches, egg scrambles, cabbage stew; its … Continue reading Community

Rooster Egg

The other night, I had to use the bathroom. Although volunteers of past and present have had outhouse stories that inhabit a spectrum of lost phones, surprise birds, surprise family members, and one horrific tumble into the brown void that landed said unfortunate volunteer into Peace Corps Mongolia lore, the profundity of this night’s bathroom … Continue reading Rooster Egg