Other Organizations

At the University of Michigan, I was fortunate to complement my educational experience with study abroad programs and internship opportunities. From counting invertebrates in New Zealand, to monitoring sea cucumber sales in Madagascar, the past few years have been filled with remarkable memories and friendships. Here are links to a few organizations that I have had the pleasure to learn from:

Gamelan Cudamani – Bali, Indonesia

Through passion, performance, and community mobilization, Cudamani works to  inspire intergenerational stewards of the environment, and Balinese culture. Every summer they host various sessions on Balinese Gamelan, Dance, and how Art, Culture, and the Environment intersect into their daily lives.


EcoQuest Education Foundation – Kaiaua, New Zealand

EcoQuest is a study abroad program oriented around environmental studies. Taking courses on New Zealand Ecology, Environmental Policy, Restoration, and Māori Culture, students at EcoQuest are introduced to an educational setting that focuses on experiential learning. EcoQuest prepares students to conduct environmental research through a holistic lens. It is a program that builds knowledge, skills, and a remarkable network of friends, teachers, and colleagues.


Reef Doctor – Ifaty, Madagascar

Reef Doctor’s work in Southwest Madagascar focuses on marine conservation, education, community economic empowerment, sustainability, and social activism. Programs in research diving, mangrove conservation, and aquaculture projects are offered for volunteers and/or interns.